Your privacy, our policy

At SCS CARM LOGISTICS, also trading as SCS Delivery Service, We strive to provide services of a high quality, where reliability is an important factor. Respect for the privacy of our customers and careful handling of their personal data is an important part of the reliability of our products and services. This privacy statement contains information about how we handle your personal data.

In order to continuously improve our website, we keep records about the use of our website by our visitors. For this we use cookies. Examples of data we save are:

  • The number of visitors per day.

  • The average length of stay on the

  • The number of clicks before a certain action is performed.

  • The settings of your device that your browser sends to us, with which you may be uniquely identifiable and your website visit can be followed.

We may share this data, which may in certain circumstances be personal data, with third parties that carry out analyses for us, such as Google Analytics.